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Mantravine is a Neo-Ethnic Fusion band from Singapore, practising alternative world-making through music. From the womb of the Babylonian city-state which they call home, their sounds birth an unexpected way forward, a method to escape the grip of autocratic catastrophes which threaten all present existence. a path called joy, pursued fearlessly with sound as the map and the prize.

Neo Shamanic Tribal Funk at Theatre Pavilion Stage at Wonderfruit Festival 2022
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  • Germany (Wurzel Festival, Kepotopia festival, Evolution festival, Gaggalacka festival, Dresden, Berlin)

  • Thailand (Wonderfruit, Koh Lanta)

  • Netherlands (Shiokfest)

  • New Zealand (Luminate festival & Twisted Frequency festival)

  • Italy (Casacon, La Fonderia)

  • Hawaii (Phoenix festival)

  • Morocco (Dessert Dwellers)

  • Sri Lanka (Atman festival)

  • France (Nataraja festival)

  • Japan (One Music Camp festival, World Beer Summit festival)

  • Indonesia (Burning Island Festival)

  • Malaysia (Asean Puppetry Exchange)

  • Australia (Dragon Dreaming festival)

  • Singapore (Sunda Festival Neon Lights Festival, Night Festival, Singapore Grand Prix F1, Singapore Writers Festival, Crypto Artweek Asia, Light to Night Festival, Ocean Purpose Festival, Soulscape, Flipside Festival)

  • Serbia & Montenegro (MSC Cruise)

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