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Welcome to planet Mantravine. Here we speak the language of rhythm. It beeps and snaps, twists and zings, bursts from our fingers and reaches out of our mouths in cosmic song. It shakes the ground with a gleaming brass-line and slices through the heart with carnatic guitar. The language cannot be described by mere human words, but swells explosively from our extraterrestrial bodies in a frequency frenzy. We are the sound scientists that you will understand with your soul. Catch us mixing electronic music, live instruments and psychedelic dance grooves into neo shamanic tribal funk, jazz fusion and electro swing music.

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  • Germany (Kepotopia festival, Evolution festival, Gaggalacka festival, Dresden, Berlin)

  • Thailand (Wonderfruit, Koh Lanta)

  • Netherlands (Shiokfest)

  • New Zealand (Luminate festival & Twisted Frequency festival)

  • Italy (Casacon, La Fonderia)

  • Hawaii (Phoenix festival)

  • Sri Lanka (Atman festival)

  • France (Nataraja festival)

  • Japan (One Music Camp festival, World Beer Summit festival)

  • Indonesia (Burning Island Festival)

  • Malaysia (Asean Puppetry Exchange)

  • Australia (Dragon Dreaming festival)

  • Singapore (Sunda Festival Neon Lights Festival, Night Festival, Singapore Grand Prix F1, Singapore Writers Festival, Crypto Artweek Asia, Light to Night Festival, Ocean Purpose Festival, Soulscape, Flipside Festival)

  • Serbia & Montenegro (MSC Cruise)



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