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Mantravine is a tribe of sonic sorcerers mixing world music, live instruments and psychedelic dance grooves into neo shamanic tribal funk music. They evoke primal dancing with ancient mantras, electrifying guitar, global beats, funky horns, syncopated basslines, interactive improvisations and live looping.

They've played at Luminate & Twisted Frequency Festival in New Zealand, Atman Festival in Sri Lanka, Phoenix Festival in Hawaii, Gaggalacka Festival in Germany, Nataraja Festival in France, World Beer Summit Festival & One Music Camp Festival in Japan, Burning Island Festival in Indonesia, Asean Puppetry Exchange in Malaysia, Sancturary in Thailand, MSC in Serbia & Montenegro, Neon Lights, Soulscape, Night Festival, Armenian Street Party, Singapore F1 Grand Prix and regularly for Chill Sessions.



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