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When you book Mantravine for a performance,

you are investing in years of musical devotion -

hours of rehearsals and administration,

planning and production, meetings and discussion.

When you book Mantravine, you are paying

for thematic conceptualisation, original thought,

meticulous orchestration and repetition to get it right.

When you book Mantravine, you are making a statement.

You are supporting original music.

You are standing in solidarity

with creatives and artists everywhere

who passionately pursue their craft

in a world which doesn't always value them.

Thank you. We appreciate you.

Let's make magic together.

One 60 mins set - SGD $ 2500

Two 60 mins sets - SGD $ 4000

Investment covers costs for:

  • Admin

  • Rehearsal

  • Artist Fees

  • Concept Creation

  • Musical Instruments and maintenance

  • 2 way transport costs for show and rehearsals in Singapore

  • Social media and Mantravine mailing list marketing posts

  • Investment does not cover sound equipment rental costs

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