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Śāśvata is the next genre-defying album from Singapore-based psychedelic band Mantravine, using a spectrum of influences to create sounds from the deepest parts of the cosmos. The tracks are diverse - ‘Lokah Samastah’ uses ancient Sanskrit mantra, ‘Mama’ shares a jazzy message to connect with our planet Gaia, ‘Dragon Love’ is a love song using a classical Indian scale and 'Rewrite The Story' will get you dancing to some drum n bass. Śāśvata means eternal in Sanskrit. You can expect the eternally experimental Mantravine to take you to another galaxy with their unlikely combination of musical backgrounds.


Featuring New Orleans jazz trombonist Eriko Murakami (Japan), self-taught trumpet player Muhammad Farhan (Singapore), spoken word poet and singer Deborah Emmanuel (Singapore), classical violinist Karen Denise de Silva (Malaysia), producer Rupak George on Ableton (India), Carnatic slide guitarist Isuru Wijesoma (Sri Lanka) and mastering by Jordan de Senna (New Zealand).



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