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Nartana is the sanskrit word for dancing and has a blatant disregard for genre conventions blending gypsy, dance, electronic, funk and psychedelic music to make a sound which defies classification. 

The songs on Nartana feature intricate electric and slide guitar harmonies of Isuru Wijesoma, who is classically-trained in the Hindustani classical music tradition. The sweet strings intertwine with gravity-defying vocals from Arunditha Emmanuel, a spoken word poet and shamanic songstress. 

Adding next-level of oomph to the mix are powerful basslines and brasslines of trumpet and keys player Farhan Remy and trombonist Eriko Murakami. Every live instrument adds depth to the tracks produced on Ableton by visionary Rupak George. Mastered by Chill Sessions Records.


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This 5 track album is only available through the indiegogo campaign or via a Stripe purchase. Your support for this album would be huge for helping us achieve our dreams for our 2023 European Tour (Schedule HERE). Indiegogo perks that you could get include the album, bonus music, mystery festival tickets, a song written for you or a loved one, show, loving feast or even a workshop.



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