432 Hz Kult _ 3k_3k.jpg

Electronic Jazz

Enjoy the wise words of wisdom from a Hawaiian shaman named Kaliloa

Handpan Magic.jpg

Easy Listening

A groovy downtempo handpan album with sacred melodies

World Food Program_3k_3k_lo res.jpg

Kitchen Beats

Lit stoves, sharp knives, and falling onions never sounded this good

DANCE TO BLISS album cover_lo res.jpg

Indian World Tribal

A musical journey inspired by the elements of earth, air, fire and water

beam me up scotty.jpg

Dance Journey

Words from the dark, silky strings without warning and gurgles from the mothership



Sumakha is a sanskrit word that means festival of celebration


Luminate Festival 2019 New Zealand

World Psychedelic

SG & NZ artists ignite a match to light a concoction of psychedelic music, ancient mantras & poetry

beating berlin.jpg

World Electronic

Organic world electronic music live in Berlin for 1 night with a rock n roll renegade, dijiridoo, poet and ableton

Ecstatic Dance Singapore_lo.jpg

Alternative Tribal

A tribal electronic dance journey created by Seth Roach and Rupak George for an ecstatic dance

 Live At Atman Festival 2019 Sri Lanka

Psychedelic Journey

An explosive musicavangaza  cooking psychedelic beats with spacey guitars & funky melodies

Rebel Decibel Experience_lo.jpg

Psychedelic Rock

A night of groovy rock n roll dance music for the Rebel Decibel Experience at the infamous Owl Bar


Electronic Dance

"Pratisamdhi" is a sanskrit word that means reunion and sees 2 musical brothers reconnect

Album Cover_ Gaggalacka Festival 2018_30

Electronic Psychedelia

A live set album made with help from the beautiful audience of Gaggalacka festival in Germany

Cadaver Ride Poster_Lower Res.jpg

Disco Dance

An album to keep you grooving and moving to rhythms of an unforgettable Saturday Night in Singapore

sunbeam stew.jpg


A funky live album celebrating the musical beam of light radiating from dijiridoo master Stew Bamrah 


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