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Welcome to "Liquid Frequencies,” a transcendent musical journey that fuses the fluid frequencies of water, melodic brilliance of trumpet and trombone, angelic sounds of light language, mesmerizing tones of electric guitar and the organic sounds of nature to create a sonic landscape that is both earthy and otherworldly.

From the first track, you will be transported to cascading droplets in tranquil streams blending seamlessly with hypnotic drum n bass and downtempo grooves. Soon you'll find yourself entranced deeper and deeper into the heart of the experience through sexy harmonies, soaring alongside the sublime electric guitar and a voice that lifts you up to a place of pure bliss and transcendence.

Join our extraordinary musical journey, where the power of psychedelic music and the magic of nature come together to awaken your soul. Experience the power of Liquid Frequencies.

Featuring Eriko Murakami (Trombone), Muhammad Farhan ( Trumpet), ArunDitha (Vocals), Isuru Wijesoma (Guitar), and Rupak George (Ableton). Supported by Chill Sessions Records (Artwork & Mastering).



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