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A kundalini yoga album with kundalini mantras, handpans, nature, electronic sounds and live instruments made with love in Hawaii and Singapore. This music can be used for yoga, meditation, relaxation, dancing and help awaken your Kundalini consciousness expanding creative wisdom and connection to the divine teacher within.


Produced by Mantravine in Hawaii and Singapore with Gary Fernandez on Handpan (Singapore), Jens Ringefelt on Hand-pan (Sweden), Dita Jacob on Vocals (Singapore), Mas Munbear on Handpan (Japan), Jenny Cho on Vocals (Korean American), Lunar Symphony on Tabla (Mexico), Sita Wray on Flute (Guatemala), ArunDitha on mantra chant (Singapore), Marilyn Russell-White on mantra chant (New Zealand), Daniel James Russell-White on mantra chant (UK), Joska de Langen on Flute (Netherlands), Rupak George on Handpan and Ableton (India), artwork by Ashley Christudasson (Singapore), Mastering by Steve Young (Hedflux, Scotland) & Chill Sessions Records (Singapore).


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This class aims to raise funds for the Gyanada Foundation in India who gives education for children in need. If you would like to support this cause make a donation. 100% of all donations will be donated to Gyanada.

Gyanada Foundation believes access to better educational opportunities leads to improved educational outcomes. Through their non-profit initiatives, Gyanada aims to bring children from socially and financially disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue aspirations and lead better lives.



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