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It's phenomenal what can be achieved with music today thanks to technology and online resources. Combining these tools with a series of random encounters and "Anicca" (impermanence) was born. It features 7 artists from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America recorded in Singapore and India. We never planned to make an album so maybe it organically manifested itself. There is plenty of musical variety in this album and we hope at least one song will resonate pleasantly with your soul. Made with Love from the Heartbeat of the Universe :) 

Olesya - Latin Chillout (125 BPM)

Olesya started off as a birthday gift for a super salsa dancer friend. The song was initially written as just a latin percussion piece and soon enough it was time to add melodic and bass parts and eventually a band. The brilliant horn parts are played by Japanese Trombonist Eriko Murakami and Cuban Trumpeter Eddy Fleitas del Sol. 


The Guru Within - (World Chillout 120 BPM)


The Guru Within was inspired after a trip to Rishikesh, India around the end of the Mayan calendar. While having breakfast at a cafe, a song which narrated a spiritual message about life being eternal, was  complemented by hypnotic indian vocal ahhhs. After leaving the cafe, a friend and myself started singing ahhs throughout the day in the streets of Rishikesh. I also ended up in a random meditation which resonated a similar message about relinquishing fear and being present. I was skeptical about the authenticity of the spiritual nature of this town. Turns out the peaceful spiritual vibrations from Rishikesh is underrated. It features a breathtaking vocalist from Uganda, Tima Murungi.


Moey - World Chillout (120 BPM)


Moey is a song that came out as a teaching about change being the only constant in life. Many times in life we find that 2 incidents seemingly contradictory of each other clash and then we end up experiencing a state of turmoil. However when encountering such a situation there is also the possibility of experiencing great joy when you can come to accept that change is a natural and beautiful process of life. An expression of divinity featuring Eriko Murakami.


Sandra - World Chillout (120 BPM)


While I was going through a period of despair losing somebody close, a dear friend's mother, was in the hospital fighting for her life during the last stages of cancer. Empathising with the emotion of loss I started crafting this song and shared it in it's early stages with Sandra before she left. The way this song came together effortlessly made me feel as though Sandra's spirit was orchestrating the arrangement of this song. It features a superb Dutch flautist named Joska de Langen who I recorded in a jungle in Auroville, India. I also recorded an amazing marimba like instrument called Lithophone made by a marvellous instrument manufacturer called Svaram. Tima returns to this track contributing a soothing selection of vocal melodies and lyrics about a butterfly. I never explained what the song was about to Tima. Finally the mesmerizing story told by Eriko Murakami sounds like a musical interpretation of peace, love and unity.  


Anicca - Glitch Chillout (110 - 120 BPM)


Anicca means impermanence. I was gifted an unbelievable painting on my wall of a colourful Buddha by my sister Laura Jean.  I tried to reciprocate my appreciation by creating a piece of music to reflect how awesome the artwork was with an earthy organic tune. However it didn't turn out to be anything I had planned for it to become. So I spent 2 years writing and rewriting this song until I gave up trying to change it into something it was not and chose to accept it for what it was.  


Queen Alice - Dance Chillout (120 BPM)


Queen Alice was an attempt to make a dance track in honor of Alice the dancing queen. I presented a variation of this piece with dance choregrapher Sheriden Newman for Maya Dance Theatre's production Release. We combined 3 artistic mediums of music, dance and paint to make a special performance.  


Somo - African Chillout (120 BPM)


I gave Somo the meaning of "together we stand." Inspired by a Turkish friend, this song pays tribute to the brave protestors of Gezi Park, Istanbul that stood united against police brutality. My respect and love goes out to all the brothers and sisters out there fighting oppression against human rights. The special trombone lines are courtesy of Eriko Murakami. 


Equinox - World Chillout (105 BPM)


Equinox is a composition done on a space drum by Japanese musician Kazuhiro Sugano. It also features Sai Vignesh a fantastic classical Indian vocalist from Singapore. Organic music at it's best. ENJOY

Anicca was Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Music Composer SG

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