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We're supporting a charity called Goonj to help feed people in India from low-income families and migrant workers. Goonj is actively providing ration kits to address the hunger crisis in villages & cities.


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Album Gift Voucher

Let a loved one select any of our tracks or albums to buy for their own listening pleasure


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Curated Music Gift

Tell us about the type of music your loved one enjoys and we will create a curated selection of 7 songs to gift


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Gift A Song

We'll write a song for a loved one based on a theme and you can get involved in recording if keen to do so





Mantravine has performed at Luminate & Twisted Frequency Festival in New Zealand, Atman Festival in Sri Lanka, Phoenix Festival in Hawaii, Gaggalacka Festival in Germany, Nataraja Festival in France, World Beer Summit Festival & One Music Camp Festival in Japan, Burning Island Festival in Indonesia, Asean Puppetry Exchange in Malaysia, Thailand, MSC in Serbia & Montenegro, Neon Lights, Soulscape, Pink Dot, Armenian Street Party and is a regular feature at Chill Sessions in Singapore. We're stoked to be on the lineup for this years F1 Grand Prix and Night Festival.


Over 17 albums on spotify, numerous collaborations and albums dedicated to humanitarian causes supporting people of Palu, Lombok and kids from Fukushima devastated by earthquakes.


2782 likes on facebook


424 followers on instagram

162 mailing list contacts

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SGD $ 1350

Our standard rates are $500 per person

  • 3 sets of 40 - 45 mins 

  • Artist fee for 4 - 5 piece band

  • Artistic concept

  • Rehearsal fees

  • 2 way transport costs for artists

  • Musical instruments

  • Marketing post on instagram, facebook and mailing list

  • Promotion via our record label Chill Sessions

We had 2 shows of 3 sets in Singapore this year which marked attendances of 155 people in Jan for "Dark Groove Sessions" and 144 people in April for "Electro Organik Dance Music." We cannot guarantee attendance numbers especially if it rains. However we do believe that if we work together as a team, confirm show date and plan marketing objectives early that a positive attendance will manifest effortlessly. Important preparation elements include 

  • Captivating event photo design

  • Catchy event title and description

  • Exciting video

  • Unified and scheduled posting across all social media platforms

  • Post production material



Before Design

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After Design

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A captivating photo and exciting copy is the key ingredients to attract an audience. For extra $150 we can get our graphic designer to design an exciting event poster, conceptualise a catchy event title and description. 

To keep a long term relationship and a memorable experience with attendees, we recommend hiring a photographer or videographer. We can provide one for photography and shooting video snippets without editing for:

$ 150 for 1 set

$ 250 for 2 sets

$ 350 for 3 sets 

$500 for editing 1 video