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Avaśa is a sanskrit word that means unsubmissive to another's will, independent, unrestrained, free. This album addresses the concept of transcending pain through letting go, overcoming obstacles, finding power within and accessing your animal spirit.

With their eclectic combination of sounds, Mantravine will transport you to a place which transcends the ‘global situation’ or your personal limitations. Let their psychedelic beats and musical artistry coax crazy dance moves out of you – alone in your bedroom when nobody is watching. Life is best when we can experience the presence of freedom. 

Featuring Eriko Murakami (Trombone), Muhammad Farhan (Keys & Trumpet), ArunDitha (Vocals), Isuru Wijesoma (Guitar), Rupak George (Ableton) and Angela Lopez Lara on Just Let Go. Supported by Ashley Christudasson (Artwork), Wei Lee Yap (Video) and Chill Sessions Records.


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