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Liquid Frequencies

Garden pool party at an incredible house with freaky artist jams! Bring your own drinks, food and swim gear to enjoy a poolside picnic party that can't be missed.

Cosmic Dance

Cosmic dance returns with this mind-blowing spirit-lifting intuitive movement journey to help you step into sacred awakening of your body, mind and spirit.



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Album Gift Voucher

Let a loved one select any of our tracks or albums to buy for their own listening pleasure

From $10

Curated Music Gift

Tell us about the type of music your loved one enjoys and we will create a curated selection of 10 songs to gift

From $50

Gift A Song

We'll write a song for a loved one based on a theme and you can get involved in recording if keen to do so

From $200


Mantravine is a tribe of sonic sorcerers mixing live instruments and psychedelic dance music. They evoke primal dancing with ancient mantras, electrifying guitar, global beats, funky horns, syncopated basslines and organic frequencies.




Mantravine has performed at Luminate & Twisted Frequency Festival in New Zealand, Atman Festival in Sri Lanka, Phoenix Festival in Hawaii, Gaggalacka Festival in Germany, Nataraja Festival in France, World Beer Summit Festival & One Music Camp Festival in Japan, Burning Island Festival in Indonesia, Asean Puppetry Exchange in Malaysia, Sancturary in Thailand, MSC in Serbia & Montenegro, Neon Lights, Soulscape, Night Festival, Armenian Street Party, Singapore F1 Grand Prix and regularly for Chill Sessions.

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Rockstar Guitarist Singapore

Eddy Fleitas del Sol (Cuba) is one of the most talented rockstars in Singapore. A multi - instrumentalist who plays many instruments like the saxophone, trumpet, piano & bass.